Automatism – 16

A smudgy day

Not planned but smudges appear out of nowhere. Well not really nowhere but unintentional.

There is dichotomy here: this was a doodle where I worked, possible 10 years ago, in an automatismic way: subconsciously. However, I now see so much more in the doodle than before: In fact it has real world objects in, well symbolic objects. This is rare for me.

Firstly there is a cloud anchored to the ground by a heavy weigh along with the sun and the moon just peaking through on its righthand end. The rolling hill beneath has a lawn mower taking power from the cloud and is just about to mow through a tent with the people hiding in the yet to be mown grass. A river meanders south bound in the sky which has two, yes two, space shuttles in flight next to it. On the rolling foreground of the hill is a church with a cemetery to one side.

Dear Marge: Do I have a problem? Answer on the back of a postage stamp please! You can comment really …

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