Coronavirus – Worthing

Don’t be fooled – UK summers can be good, so why would you want to be anywhere else?

Away from the pier, Worthing seafront has a gentle feel to it. On a coronavirus Tuesday when the hospitality industry is making the first slumbering movements into, what is being billed as a ‘new normal’, seeing many people relaxing in the sun is a treat and refreshing.

Like a lot of people I was not expecting everything to be open and just got on with walking and catching the sun.

I did not actually want hustle and byssal; I wanted calm and gentle. I did not want to watch out for cyclist with no manners or skate boarders with clattering wheels flipping with no notice. I wanted calm and gentle.

Further on in Lancing the same atmospheric conditions prevailed.

I am not exactly sure how, but my outlook on getting my work life balance now considers the balance was wrong. I can’t change history but do need to give myself a good talking to.

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