Cycle the time away

A Sunday afternoon, a few hours to spare, freshly serviced bikes … close to the South Downs … well …

Those lumpy bits in the distance are the treasured South Downs. Here I am about 5 miles from home on the Downs Link and approaching Bramber and its castle.

The Downs Link uses an old railway track to connect the North Downs Way to the South Downs and from here trickles into Shoreham by Sea.

The countryside is glorious all the way, but putting on my ‘hat of many biases’ when you arrive here with long views in both directions, which happen to include Chantonbury Hill, you will feel relief and freedom.

That has jogged a memory. Many years ago I work in High Holborn on the moving roof of a well known Lawn Tennis Club. I worked with a young lady who on a Monday morning back from the weekend said to my question – “good week end?”. Replied, she had left London to visit the south coast and was shocked that she had not seen an horizon for three years. Such a thing I could not comprehend.

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