Meet my namesake

This chap was ushered to share my new lunchtime ‘watch the world go by’ seat. While mouth full and munching on a bacon and salad roll I needed to take a sharp intake of breath.

Scroll down as well!

“Thank you Mr Boddy …”. I stopped mid-chomp! Eyes moving side to side as if in a spaghetti western, “… and what is your initial …” wait “K”.

Still no movement on my part … a quick glance left and I spied a credit card being looked at. “Thank you Mr Boddy”. Relief for me and not me at the same time.

Mr K Boddy was changing his gas and electric supplier as bold as brass and twice as shiny in the middle of Croydon.

What are the chances of that happening?

While this was going on the chuggers were busy, and one chap accidentally, I am sure, upset a member of the public. She berated him once and left, and came back and tried to bury the second chugger.

It all happens in Croydon High Street. 🙂

Sign here, and here please.

Hmm! I got that one … he is talking to HO now!

No … please … stay back …

Excuse me sir, can I … no … ok.

Excuse me sir, can I … no … ok

Excuse me madam can I … no … ok – false start she turned right when his lips moved

Excuse me sir, can I … no … ok

What … you’ll baby sit for me … no … ok

… and if you think you can just stop me in the street … I’ll tell you …

Round 2 … now look madam …

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