Coffee Shops

This is a muse, as I have not got the inclination to check … but I think the increasing rise in coffee shop usage is returning certain parts of society to return to being in the company of others in a way that must have existed when London of old had them all over the place

Today this was a wall of laptops. People with their minds engaged. I wonder what people are working on, what great things are being plotted, what is being shared?

I enjoy working in coffee shops as much as I do in quite areas of Libraries. The reason is; I am amongst people who don’t want to talk to me, or share their life’s story, and a gentle backdrop of innocent voices ebbs and flows, and no magic-words fight through to invade my consciousness.

Please don’t take that as me being anti-social, it is just sometimes I need solace to concentrate. I could win gold for talking and engaging with people – but that’s another photograph.

Will we ever have open debates in coffee shops?

2 weeks later …

While getting my thoughts together to fight the day, I realised there is a cognitive connection between this post and a thought I had 40 years ago.

In my late teens and early 20’s I would go fishing. I enjoyed just being out on my own in the country next to water. The double benefit was: everyone knew where I was and I was not contactable. I was alone – no mobiles then – now that’s a thing!

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