It’s not always vision …

I don’t ware sun glasses as I always want to see the colour of life. I don’t ware headphones while wondering around the streets as I want to hear the noise and conversations

The above helps me with photography. There is always a story with every photograph and it is not vision that is always the trigger. Sound is and incredible draw of my attention, but I can never gather and share it in a photograph, just share the experience.

Today was a real classic to me. I would not necessarily taken this scene if it was not for the lady in the photograph; who boldly told the cafe as well as her partner, in a very polite manner, ‘… some times you can be a right dick …’.

There is a part of our brain that is finely balanced to have selective hearing. That is over and above ignoring people, which is a conscious decision. It’s listening all the time and just wakes up when a trigger word is heard. BUT BUT who gave it the trigger word in the first place.

Why did I hear this? What prioritised this? At what word did I start tuning in? Was it the phrase? Why, on this occasion, did I not look their way and respond with a chuckle. It triggered me to get my camera out while anticipating there would be a retort.

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