Headless man fails to convince ticket inspector to let him through :)

This man claimed he did not know that Crawley was not in London and was insisting he wanted to get back on the train to London on his Oyster Card. But no!

When I walked into the ticket hall a near animated debate was taking place with this man and a ticket inspector.

The ticket inspector said just buy a ticket and you can enter. The chap did not have any money. He waved a plastic card in the air and said ‘I don’t have any money’ again. The ticket inspector said he could not just click him through.

He left the ticket hall and returned pacing up and down. He took a stroll over to a corner to see whether he could squeeze through but no.

All this time I was waiting for him to push his way though, but he went to the glass window and that’s when I had to leave to board my train. So I’ll never no the outcome.

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