Possibly the best … an understatement

A lap steel guitarist on his own played for the joy of it.

This chap, not in his youth, is one of the best street performers I have seen. Tie equally first with Boggy-snack-n-burger: who I believe morphed into Stomp. (Happy to be corrected.)

His music was accompanied by backing tracks.

The irony was he asked me to stop videoing him as he thought I would prosper from it and it was his work. I stopped as it is not my intention to offend, however I did think it was ironic as he was using the music of others to prosper. Was he paying royalties? You guess?

I believe I had the right to record him and share with the good people out here. This is incontestable, but if he asked me stop, he did, and I did not stop the situation turns into harassment. This is not permitted.

Anyway, regardless of that I tipped his hat and brought him a latte plus one as he was exceptionally good.

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