Coloured now – Whatever Next!

Well it had to follow. Improving on the experience of working in pencil on paper. Then pencil on paper and tracing in colour is, I thought, a difficult one to follow …

I looked for a package that gave me flexibility while using mobile technology. There were a number of well known and well established packages out there but my preference needed to blend its self to my automatic state of working.

Often I would unknowingly start doodling with either a pen or pencil, it matters not. This activity was a byproduct of having the right side of my brain engaged in a meeting and the left side of my brain in free-fall. I listened intently and like many people my interest would be engaged by someone using a word that acted as a trigger to me – pencil freeze …

Listen, understand, respond! – return.

It was a fluid no interruption process. I did recognise other attendees surprise that I knew where the meeting was at, and how was I able to stay focused.

I am not at that stage with this package – yet. Using a tablet and this package is not as inconspicuous as a pencil on paper

So for now I use it (Procreate) in different situations. The flow of work is not the same, and it may never be automatism as required but it’s worth a try.

This is my first real ‘thing’ I liked enough to want to publish. Tiding up is a must, which is an anathema to automatism but at present needed.

Watch this space …

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