Mixed Feelings … now

Early morning, autumn time, brings a whole host of different lighting that really does spruce up our environment and with a chill in the air it’s a great time to be out and about.

This was taken at least five years ago as I changed organisation nearly five years ago.

At the time I did not consider our environment in the same way as I do now, hmm, perhaps a late starter. So this photograph was about simply capturing the sun rise, a plumb of industrial smoke and the mist.

I am in two minds about it now. Certainly not pro the advancement of industrial generation of pollutants, rather the opposite really.

I am reticent to blame our distant fore-bearers for out plight, but I am critical of modern civilisation of the developing west to be so apathetic towards global change. AND be happy to put profit before life.

That brings in another conundrum – I am a part of that civilisation, and been a modern consumer without fear of the consequences for many years. I have benefitted greatly from everything that has been done, whether I knew of it or not. So I am a guilty party by my own reconning.

With all the brain power of the large dominant countries that are going to be heading home shortly after COP26, I cannot see any description of the sacrifices civilisation HAS got to make to the quality of life and consumerism to have the impact that is necessary.

The USA and China managed to get through two weeks together, while all the bilateral talks were taking place to, ‘save the planet’ (that is so much a Hollywood block-buster title staring Bruce W – to pull the rug from under the other delegates is disgraceful.)

They will simply ‘do things’ together for themselves and not really look any further and expect everyone to accept them.

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