Dry dock – interesting to see

On an evening walk across the lock gates at Shoreham Harbour, in a dry dock was this wonderfully rigged ship

The Onedin Line comes to mind!

Although I am landlubber I have nothing but admiration for all seafarers of all nations throughout history.

They leave port with expectations of a long, many months/years in some cases, journey and returning all safe and sound. I leave for work everyday and don’t give it a second thought that returning home is not going to happen.

Now consider this: A small vessel 31m by 6.1m (say the Golden Hind) and the width of the Atlantic Ocean 1770 miles at its narrowest and 3000 miles at its widest means a vessel of any size could be anything from between 900 miles and 1500 miles from a safe piece of land. Now that is scary: add to that waves, wind, hurricanes, snow, ice and big sea monsters and ask why would anyone do such a thing and you can, I think, only come up with one answer – ADVENTURE.

Then there are sub-mariners … polar icecaps …

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