An anniversary today

Today I have published one or more blog entries each day for a year

I set out with a overall target of publishing one new photograph or video a day and write about it … and do everything using mobile technologies.

Yes, done, well 90% but I am okay with that. I had to adjust my working practice as I did not want to hold my self hostage unnecessarily.

As time progressed my work commitments and home life had to come first so I had to dip into my own already taken resources.

My detailed objective was to improve my work flow and embed photographs, video, captions, headlines, copy and soundtracks to create feature styled articles, and as mentioned while being mobile, using the iPhone, and iPad: That is capture photographs and video on my iPhone, retouch the photographs, construct a video with the photographs and the video footage (using software on both iPhone and iPad), add commentary with captions and copy text and add soundtracks that supported the story. The part I did not achieve was the voice over.

There are a number of videos in there that reflect this work.

What next? I shall continue and will publish regularly but will try to concentrate on producing videos/stills etc. with a more defined purpose: feature and documentary style.

I should add: thank you all for taking the time to look at the site and commenting. Please continue etc. And long may you enjoy your good selves on WordPress.

The cover photograph is me, caught mid-sneeze while passing the camera from hand to hand. Ah! The sneeze just crept up on me.

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