Kings of the road – professional drivers – not

Standards have dropped! At sometime in my life it was suggested that professional drivers were a special breed – ‘Kings of the Road’. I expect 90% are (not a scientific measure) but there is a significant proportion who are really just ‘white van men’

These people are drivers who have had their driving manners removed in a process similar to a frontal lobotomy with the negative outcomes associated with the medical process.

However, they still need to eat; this becomes their only goal when hungry and must at all costs, park as close to the front doors of a cafe as possible, as the fear of loosing their way from the van to the door will cause them great distress and the rest of their life will be ruined.

If you see a lost ‘white van man’ in a multi-storey car park or on a motorway service station please help them – drop a trail of biscuits to a safe place and encourage them to follow it and rest before driving again.

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