Travelling home

It was a normal Coronavirus day, precaution, precaution and washing hands every time I thought about it

We are in the midst of a world wide event that I, come to that no one else really, has any experience of and only know what I do from mainstream media and written history.

I think there has been clear information about what is happening and I acknowledge the facts change. Not the underlying facts; it’s here, it’s a killer and shows no respect for any boundary, but the speed at which it moves and how people respond.

My journey to and from work has become easier with less traffic on the road and easier parking, but, increased anxiety due to worrying about undetected contact with strangers on the busses and trains.

I am very conscious of holding handrails and sharing carriages and lifts and arrive at work to make my way straight to the washroom to wash my hands.

The photograph here was taken while I waited for the next train at this platform. I did not notice it at first as I was busy checking train times. But as the timing of the trains became known I looked through the glass parapet and instantly became relaxed. I surprised my self! This was a tranquil scene, beautiful colours, good colour in the sky, pleasant station lighting and a nice chain of catch lights on the roof of the train.

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