Hard to find local pubs

This not a generational thing, I am happy, mostly, with life; it’s an observation of the changing desires of society.

I am not looking back wanting the return of good old days, as did some Brexit supporters have done, but saying what people want out of life develops through the passage of time.

My take on the Tamworth Arms is that style changes inline with the ability of younger generations to pay for it. While I am sure in it’s hay day this glossy-tiled front elevation was exactly right for those people who drank socially as well as for simple pleasure of drink and being amongst the community.

As disposable income increased so did the upgrading of public houses, public bars and saloons disappeared, Wine bars, to Bistros, family dining et al appeared.

The quality and style of places have changed and places like the Tamworth Arms have become outdated. Outdated style wise that is; which does not mean unwanted but not suitable for many.

Noting the prices chalked up outside shows there is life inside.

I hope the clientele are happy with the Tamworth Arms, here’s to a good time in the future.

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