Extreme Makeup

I have seen a lot of extreme makeup artists work. I have mixed feelings! Today I enjoy it, tomorrow I might not – for me the jury is out

It’s not a plain no, just I see different things in it all the time, every time. I like the presentation, I like the range of decoration, I like the overall feel of someone being an individual.

Then I question my thoughts.

When I spied this it was ah! I like it. End of terrace walls in town and city centres do have a use 🙂

The closed eyes, to me, put the person to sleep, although this is not supported by being in a standing position – but that is my interpretation. The stitched closed mouth adds to the silence I hear. The pattern around the eye removes the need to add expression that could be suggested by the eyebrows.

I like the use of only black and white.

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