Homeless in Horsham

This might sound as though I am a middle-class boring old fart with a wish to get someone else to grind an axe on my behalf – no

As I get older I appreciate I have gone through life in an unpolitical way. Yes I have views, yes I agree with many political proposals and disagree with many more. I feel I have acted like an innocent bystander.

This is how it should be as I have photographed many political events and spoken to many people at them to understand their social and political stand point while insuring anonymity.

Today I photographed the possessions of homeless people in Horsham and then noticed more shops had closed.

The epiphany happened ‘I am a part of the problem’.

I have lived in a part of the country that has been sheltered from the township desolation created by politicians of all persuasions and at many levels.

This has come home to me today on seeing the possessions of homeless people in the town I have enjoy living in for 35 odd years and have thought it a nice place to live and in general people faired well. I have even said such in previous post. Naive to some extent I know.

Then I thought back to an incident in Bognor Regis last Sunday in late afternoon. We were accosted by a chap who wanted money to make a return journey back to Selsey. He claimed to have been out all the previous night but did not bear the resemblance of an overnight street stay.

He had introduced himself to me as being a patient of mine in the local hospital and said my (me) name was George. I did explain I was not his doctor and I did not know him; but this did not deter him.

He followed us within arm’s distance telling us he did not know what to do.

I thought of people or organisations he could contact to help but he was dismissive and kept repeating his plight.

We passed a chap in a doorway who was about to talk with him but he stopped when he noticed he was engaged with us.

After another 50m he left us.

A little research about homelessness in Bognor Regis revealed they have very little tolerance towards homeless people; even going to the extent of removing items left unattended in the street where they cannot identify an owner.

There are organisations there to help, but this is thwart with long term problems which starts with a committed desire to change. These people (excuse the remote sounding term – people) need sustained help.

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