Special cafe

A surprise find with a pleasant surprise: a cafe with real service – Richards, Hove

I had strayed to far on the busses in Brighton and disembarked at Hove Town Hall. I further made things worse by continuing in the wrong direction walking away from my destination.

Thought! Stop look at a map, you see I can be smart. I turned to face a shop and the windows were hazy, looking above was ‘Richards…’ and an inviting smell of bacon wafted past. Slight rethink … cup of tea … work out directions … set off.

I opened the door and it was a small place but packed solid. I think this must be the norm as they had two waiting seats by the door.

I noticed one empty seat against the wall between two separate families. The staff were busy but took interest in everyone there. They darted here, there, served plates, took orders, cleared tables and smiled all the time.

I sat and waited. The elder lady of team made a fuss of the two younger boys to my left and was at easy talking to the grown up family on my right. While making friendly comments to others.

I have never really been in a cafe like this and it was a pleasure. This is what independents bring to cafe society – hospitality in oodles.

Chain cafes try – … can I have a name for the order please … but this is driven by the logistics of getting the right order to the right person.

Nothing against them, but where I have a choice I gravitate to independents.

Ahhh! This was the only photograph I could grab, but the food was impressive.

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