London Bridge Station

Praise is steeped on the Victorian Engineers for the legacy of their work and how it has stood the test of time but in my opinion our Engineering community is not held with the same reverence

Firstly, I should add, and this is my opinion, we went through a period where concourses to stations were revamped in a ‘cheap as chips’ style (big blue containers, three story high at Victoria, acting as airport facilities) that had no design merit, but now it is a considered operation. Retrofitting a historic buildings with good design is a skill and takes time to develop.

Now London Bridge Station. I infrequently pass through London Bridge Station as Victoria is usually my destination. I had cause to go via LBS and was impressed. The scale of it, the good use of space, the easy flow off the platforms to the lower levels and the street exits were all naturally effective.

I think this will be considered of great merit in the future. My thoughts! I won’t see it!

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