Chaos – ah! That be the trains

Travelling generates fatigue. Travelling by rail generates excessive fatigue. Travelling in the southern region is, in my opinion, dangerous to health

Today was a relaxed day for my travelling, but it is often tricky. Today it’s a late start.

The most annoying aspect happens at East Croydon. I have learnt to stay on the north exist over bridge and wait until I see the train come into the station on the allocated line.

Even this is not 100% full proof. I have been caught out several times as I have started to descend the stairs without a final check only to not know they have changed the platform and it was a different train and destinations

I have got on a train that went straight through my station and stopped after the last stop for Oyster and ClicknPay. Mayhem: no cash to get out and ticket machines the other side of the barrier I could not passed.


I started this blog on this morning’s journey- it’s now evening and no trains for an hour. Massive points failure.

The only upside is listening to fellow travellers tails of woo!

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