Don’t be fooled

Choosing a parking bay is a science not an art! It’s taken me all my road time driving to fully appreciate this.

I park in this vicinity regularly and noticed this bay was infrequently not used. No more thought about it.

This day I passed several other empty bays but the magnet of unpredictability drew me to drive with grace into a slightly wider, un-flooded bay and leave the car happy.

When I returned it was still light and a large refuge collection lorry was parked near by with chaps sitting inside with a grandstand view of my antics.

I came passed the front of my car and noticed a puddle. Hmm! I looked more and noticed the water above the inside of the tyre and a good 35mm above the rim of the hub – I chuckled.

I checked the passengers side and the same. – I chuckled again.

I spied a very large piece of crumply plastic with ridges above the surface of the water and thought an island was there just for me. – I chuckled.

I stepped on it only to sink about 180mm. I chuckled and moaned.

I needed another step as going back was not an option. I planted my next step nearer to the door so I could get in – the water was even deeper.

I was forced by the way the door opened to have to step and shuffle into the car.

I was amused, wet shoes and socks, wet trousers which were wicking up to my knees; wet legs are a small concern and are easily fixed.

Lesson learned!

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