The anti-pied piper

I am not sure where this tune came from, but in my opinion it was very hard on the ears and not melodic in anyway, and had the ability to travel too far

Up two flights of stairs and through a hefty thickness of double glazing, wiggling past shelfs of books this tune managed to find me. By line of sight say 80m.

At first I thought it was a performance in the library but it droned on. At one point it became so distracting I thought about joining his audience downstairs to see what response he would get when he finished.

But it stopped.

Thinking no more I had a coffee break and went to a coffee shop nearby.

While walking back I heard a faint noise of a familiar flute … I was drawn to it. It was him … playing his flute as there was no tomorrow, and he had an audience.

I think he would have not succeeded in Hamelin, but still would have been famous. 🙂

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