Motorway accident

You would think people would have a modicum of common sense not to block the emergency service on route to an accident – but no!

(Scroll down as well)

We had been stuck stationary for about 20 minutes and the outside lane had been left clear by drivers in an automatic respectful way. Knowing either police cars, ambulances, rescue services would need speedy access.

This chap or chapess decided he would skip perhaps 5 miles of queuing traffic; and wanted to squeeze into a bumper to bumper queue of stationary traffic. BUGGER OFF YOU AH.

I am not picking on him or her exclusively as there were others who passed and did not test my patience.

I know from personal experience how important it is for these people to get to a scene of an accident.

In the unlikely event you recognise this number plate let the driver know how high in esteem I hold him.

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