Talking to strangers

This chap turned to me and asked ‘had a good day’ in such an inviting way it would be difficult not to respond even if you were a fully paid up member of the solemn and despondent club

I had spied him as I walked down the bus because of his sun glasses. Yes … I thought … so I sat next to him facing his profile.

He spoke to me before I had my camera out. We chatted and chatted for a good 15 minutes. Everything was raised and although there slight difference of views it mattered not. He listened to me, I responded and so it went on.

He said ‘ah well there are bigger problems to solve than is it going to rain tomorrow’ with a quirky grin from under his sunglasses. I knew what that was and I responded … ‘I don’t know what you mean’ … with my equivalent of a smile – which is just allowing my wonky head off it’s perch. We could not help both laughing.

For fellow passengers we could have known each other for years.

Brexit was up for grabs …


  1. Politicians are no more than pantomime muppets
  1. None of them would go hunger for the rest of their lives if they stopped being MPs tomorrow.
  1. It’s just a game to them.
  1. There is not fully truthful one amongst them.

The list was endless.

Where else would you get good conversation from.

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