Busker – a heavy weight

This chap impressed me, not straightaway, but by the fact he had man-handled this piano into the centre of Brighton. (scroll down as well)

I stopped in this street, which is popular for buskers. I photographed an video’d him.

A clunky clanky sound emitted, but I think this is a reflection of the piano not his musical skills.

I started to wonder the logistics of his performance. Most buskers rotate there performances around the city. I could not see how he would get to his next venue.

I left him to his audience.

A week or so later I was walking past the spot and the mystery was solved.

Well … his piano is covered from the weather, but his stool (chair in the last photograph) can still be stollen.

I do wonder how long it will be before the clients of the nighttime economy will find it amusing to ride the piano down the street.


  1. Because we are moving, this week we donated a spinet piano that my wife owned for 50 years. A guy came by himself, carefully put it on a cart, and used a winch to load it into his van.


      1. The cart was a square board atop four small wheels. He lifted one end of the piano, then pushed the cart under. He covered the piano with a blanket then put a strap around the works. He added another strap when he wheeled it down two steps on a flexible aluminum ramp. Then he used a winch and the ramp to load it into the van.


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