Run rabbit run

A great idea that I warm to, but not today

The Saturday Morning Park Run draws in lots of people, including chaps with buggies.

I like the idea as it is supportive and not competitive. That’s me!

Many years ago I worked along Vauxhall Bridge Road in London and with work colleagues entered the Sunday Times Fun Run in Hyde Park.

Of course there were training sessions and Dolphins Square was the venue. I duly attended and was bored out of my mind just running. This could be before Sony Walkmans!

I am not built for speed, more for comfort and was never concerned about my time, finishing was just about right for me.

On the day we all arrived and excited by the people all around. We were all in different age groups and at the allotted time I lined up … I was nowhere near pole position 🙂

Uneventful was the order of the day, but I was caught out big time and had to finish.

Shortly after our start a junior race started. I was not aware of this until very small children started wizzing past. Not an adult in front!

Their course was shorter and cut out a big loop in ours.

As I was spotted by the public commentators at the finish line I received a special accolade as being an overgrown child and possible the biggest in that age group.

Comfort not speed me!

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