Coloured patterns

Non-repeating pattern – can there be such a thing?

I work close to this Coloured building in Croydon. It’s profile can been seen on my train journey in.

As I walk towards it is the only building I want to see. Why? Firstly the colour. Not a big palette, it does not have to be. It sustains my engagement – two and a half years I have looked at it without being bored. I enjoy the colours and how they have been varied and graded to let the eye flow over the surface.

I like not being able to detect a pattern, just a flow of colour. I enjoy the repetitive rectangular panels that make up surface. I like having just a thin witness line where the floors levels are. It’s one big picture. I like the idea that each apartment/unit will have windows in different place.

There is one position on the ground that I enjoy with a special feeling: the elevation has no detectable depth. It’s a flat elevation. It could be a wing of an aircraft photographed from above the clouds.

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