From the mist of time

Misty mornings are glorious. Not always got the time to break a journey, but on a train journey I am captive

Many years ago I watched old gravel pits being filled to create these ponds. They have matured and the habitat has flourished.

I knew there would be a chance this morning as when I left home the mist and sun were in the fields about me.

I have passed this spot before and never been in a position to capture it when misty. Wrong side of the train, people bobbing around, crammed and cramped trains.

Today I sat, which is very unusual on a commuter train, on the corridor near the middle of the carriage. It got better. The people near the window got off at Gatwick so I slid over and no one sat down around me. Yippee! Next stop East Croydon, and a high probability that mist over these ponds would be there.

I waited and I knew I would only have 20 seconds to try. Through glass to boot!

I know the sun is burnt out, but any large point source of light is problematic, but never the less worth the effort.

Will try again.


    1. Thank you. I do want a better photograph. This time my journey along this stretch has been for over two years. This only happen late September, October. A years ware will soon start.

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