Sunday … again … Sunday

For the last two months I have spent my weekends in Jubilee Library in Brighton. I also spent two consecutive weeks here, all in pursuit of studying.

I have seen the same people often and how they deal with chatters. What I have noticed is: chatterers do not think they have done anything wrong and plead innocence. ‘… but I am quite…’, ‘… but I have to book up today for Bank Holiday …’, ‘… but I have permission …’.

The fact they are sharing their life’s with, sometime 30 strangers, is of no concern to them.

The chap yesterday took the biscuit. After he was challenged he wanted to explain to everyone why he was being rouge. He was told by a fellow worker that he had absolutely no interest in his life – just shut up – I want to work.

I do think if someone needs help, no problem with that, I need help :), then they should gravitate away to the open areas and not engage staff with booking their late coach tickets on a web site that the library staff have no idea of.

I should say the staff are good and very dedicated.

ah! This photograph – I like shadows. Not often at this scale, and uninterrupted.

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