Me thinks I’ve been clocked :)

The weather was warm, the light golden and time was on my side for an amble with intent around Gunwharf Quays.

One enjoyable capture and one get-away within metres of me along this walk was ok. Lots of other photographs taken but …

I had waited and waited for the composition to fall into place. This couple had stood together and pointed at things, lightly chatted and were in no hurry. I captured these, which were hmm! Ok. Then the chap looked at me … perfect … click … click. I did not engage with him. Just carried on. He was not sure … I was … and it ended there.

I looked out to sea and waited … two or three minutes later there was shouting in a lady’s voice. ‘Leave me, leave me – get out of my face’. I turned and a confrontation was over. Calm resumed and in a lower voice, which I think were genuine, came an apology from a lady wearing a sari, ‘I am sorry I thought you needed help’. It was not received in the spirit it was intended.