Neither of us believed it

Revenue Protection Officers always get their man or woman – fare dodger. I have witnessed a few encounters and they are very calm people and stay focused

I took the photograph as three of these chaps were by the door when I joined the train. This is not the shot I wanted but turned out to be a gem for a story. I wanted all three together as they looked a team not to be messed with.

Anyway … the train pulled out from Croydon and after three or four minutes this lady ushered herself past these chaps into the first class compartment. Now, riddle me this, why would a passenger with a first class ticket wait for a train to pull out and travel for three or four minutes before taking a seat?

Like me – no idea, like you – no idea, like the revenue officers – no idea. Ah! Perhaps they did – a fare dodger with the gaul of veteran fare dodger at that.

She rejoined the lower-classes in the carriage – I did think of offering her my seat, but thought …

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