Before Dishwashers there were hands!

Having no ability to think, not earth shattering thoughts, just common sense thoughts, must be missed out in managerial training.

… only have paper cups, dishwasher broken …

It’s 9:30 in the morning, quick head count of customers equals 10. Empty clean tables equals 50. So no early morning rushes have happened and gone.

Question? Where are all the cups? Based upon what I was told there must be 250 cups waiting to be washed. Well surprise surprise before fancy dish washers there were (and still are) dangly things at the ends of arms call hands.

These things have been responsible for the creation of everything the human race has ever developed. That is 1.76 million years ago.

Staff here must be a brand new branch of man kind who have lost the ability of lateral thinking.

Get in the kitchen and wash up!

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