I can park where I fing well like, another

Over the years I have developed a dislike for liberty takers of any persuasion. I am sure you can name a few just like I can. I have and will continue to photograph these people whenever I can.

Well, the theme continues …

I live in a small village that was not designed for modern transport, (not many are now). But the person who parks here needs a badge of ironic distaste.

The path is not wide enough for one person carrying a shopping bag, or yes, or me pushing a child’s buggy.

I have seen videos of how disgruntled people treat these social inept people and hope one day I will be able to video them. You will be the first to see …

I could be wrong, but I’m not really bothered. If he can have no social conscious about taking liberties then I can stretch to making a meme of their actions.

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