Two chaps, two days, two identical modus operandi

I often wonder what my street-life would have been like, say 100 years ago. Would I be on the wealthy side or the poor side? Would I have to eek out an existence doing unthinkable roguish things, or live a life with untold wealth.

I witnessed two events a day apart that caught my attention. I did wonder …

These two chaps I saw in Brighton the day prior to the day I took this photograph. I was not aware of them until they spoke to two young girls. As they were a step before them one pointed to the ground half a step in front of the girls and said … did you drop that … a quick shuffle and nothing was seen. But they had gained their attention.

I did wonder …

Much to my surprise I noticed them walking towards me in Crawley … bingo … again the same modus operandi. (Yes … my camera is usually ready.) The young people are just out of shoot.

I did wonder …

A week or so after publishing this a friend explained how the scam works … drop something of little value in front of someone … alert them … pick it up quickly … ask them if it is theirs … they say no … offer to sell them it as it look expensive.

Young impressionable people are easy targets.

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