Simple – but beautiful

A bridge too long!

Spanning the river Arun is a simply no frills bridge, that is in my opinion: and all the better for it.

The seafront at Littlehampton in West Sussex has changed over the time I have known it as a visitor.

When I stood at the threshold of the bridge the two people were near me and the composition did not work. I waited until they were at the crown and … click.

The beaches do change but only in a geological timescale but the water quality changes – not only here but the coastline – is down to us humans, ALL of us, since perhaps the start of the industrial revolution.

The environmental perils the planet faces are a threat to civilisation not mankind. Civilisation will perish and the global population will greatly reduce and return to a tribal and bartering society once electricity is not available.

No high tech civilisation can survive without electricity.

The advantage the true ‘new aged’ people will have is the resources hewn for the ground are on the surface. The disadvantage is the contamination we leave them.

We, the people on the planet that is, only have one chance in life. This is not a dress rehearsal, getting it wrong by going past the trigger point means we are the masters of our own demise!

Serous people who know about these things have made it clear what the outcomes could be and our political elite are content to push the deck chairs around on the Titanic.

There are more species than us, who don’t have a say or vote in the goings on or development of our civilisation but have supported our existence: they deserve better.

Perhaps the best solution for them is our demise?

Like many thousands of fellow citizens who don’t really speak up I am concerned: I need to know what to do in a clear unambiguous way that is planned and based upon recognised science. I am feed up with hearing vote winning sound bites from politicians and interfering businesses who favour themselves over the minorities who have in an ironic way put them there.

Nuff said.

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