Life amongst the congestion

Lewes is full of treasure just for the want of looking

Taking your time is essential if you want to eek out the detail. Detail is important!

I have a very basic fall back plan that is ready to rollout when the spirit and motivation start to dwindle.

It is: take an establishment photograph. This will set the scene, then take a detailed photograph of something in that scene. Then another.

This next option is more tricky but can work well: Take an establishment photograph, then a detailed photograph. NEXT – take the next establishment photograph AND include the previous detailed photograph.

Having taught photography for 20 odd years and run many field trips these two options can really motivate a new photographers when they say ‘… I don’t know what to photograph …’. They do but need to see the world differently.

I am never lost at what to take and only have a hit rate of about three percent.

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