Plymouth Lido

A lido is fantastic amenity to have but is a dwindling resource

This lido is featured in a trailer on the BBC and looks very inviting.

I grew up in a lido in Brentwood where the summer was one long sun shine event. It had a children’s pool, a very large grassed area and it was easy for me to be there from 8:30 until evening everyday over the summer holidays. I would use it all the time it was open.

Looking back – no sun cream – before the noticed depletion of the ozone layer and following increase in the associated problems.

I could never, and still don’t understand, why Brentwood Council in their infinite wisdom sold the site for development and built a replacement out of town – must have had some real smart thinkers back then.

There is a pool in Lewes – East Sussex, that is only now closed due coronavirus. It is steeped in history and bathing has taken place in the vicinity since 2000BC. Please read their website as it makes interesting reading.

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