Coronavirus – I cannot express my self without … swearing …

A group of people who had this picnic should be found and publicly pilloried at the Band Stand in Crawley

90 minutes earlier when I parked in the shade this table appeared not used and there was not a sign of any activity around it.

When I got back to my car litter and food waste was strewn all around the area.

I was shocked and wildly disappointed that in this day and age a group of people, one of which could be as young as 17 to drive (or 16 with PIP conditions satisfied), would cause this much trouble by flinging their leftovers around a Country Park.

I feel sorry for them, I pity them. I wish them all the things they want from life but cannot get. I wish them all the nastiest bug bites on their arses they can possible receive everyday and I hope their arms are too short to administer any pain relieving cream.

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