Plastic – single use – I fear not even that

The worse piece of plastic I have ever had the misfortune to buy

I have had this piece of plastic a very long time, just sitting there, which should add an insult to me for not throwing it out sooner; but today I won and got around to it. I sneaked up on it and booed it when it thought I had forgotten it was still there.

The design is appalling: the flimsiness of the material and the pathetic details that are the joints makes it unable to take any paper at all with out distorting into contrite shapes and the joints just ping open.

The crying shame is; it was approved in principle, designers worked on, manufacturers worked on it, people tested it, raw materials were used to create it and I suspect not one single person checked it was fit for purpose.

In my opinion it beggars belief that those who paid for all of this to happen approved its designed, production and sale without any basic design criteria being understood.

Again in my opinion it is no better than a ‘happy meals’ toys that have a life expectancy of about a minute longer than it takes a customer to walk to a table.

Today it is no longer! Consigned to its maker; Rexel in the sky.

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