Coronavirus – Banking

Banking still has to happen and at the consumer level it is the oil that eases the gears of commerce

I have not been in any town for eight weeks now, and I felt like it was a trip with excitement built in as a reward for abstinence. Perhaps like in bygone days when farm hands would make a special trip of several hours to visit a cattle market after several months away.

I thought the town was going to be empty and quite with no one at all. I parked up and made my way through a tiny alley way to see a line of people. Being not sure whether it was a queue or not I had to ask. It was! I joined the end to queue and waited.

I moved forward and looked along the High Street to see a complaint queue of bread and cake hunters outside the Bakers and people in the distance making their way. I was surprised to see so many people in the first instance as the town centre should be empty – I thought.

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