Film star qualities

This chap had it all. I was in awe of him. His dress sense, all black, his hair, groomed to perfection, his sense of presence, gracious.

I sat in my most favourite cafe of the day and this chap took his seat in front of me two tables away and minded his affairs. I wondered whether he would notice if I took a photograph. I thought … well just go for it, I usually do 🙂

I have worked with a few models and they are professional in the way in which they work and have a skill that allows them to show them selves off to great effect.

This chap was exactly the same. He sat there and changed pose, not for me, but for himself. I was dum stuck to think how effortlessly he moved.

These photographs, are to me, a fantastic tribute to him … he could be a film star. I rarely publish more than one photograph per blog but today he is an exception.

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