Unexpected memory jogger

I have time at present … to declutter! 40 odd years of stuff is going. I still have the boxes our wedding presents came in 39 years ago. I have business papers for a company I closed 10 years ago. Hoarder … no. Collector … yes … 🙂

This was a pleasant surprise. It must be eight years ago I was looking for glass jars to photograph and happened to pickup a copy of a freebie newspaper and the first advert I casually saw was for glass bottles, for sale. It could only be meant to be and within 30 minutes I was sitting at a table drinking tea while talking to the seller.

She was pleased her collection was going to a ‘good home’ and interested in the fact I was going to photograph them. Well, how time flies.

Ah! They are staying, and this is a far as I have got.

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