Coronavirus – it’s ok I’ll stay here

The queue managers are polite people and in these difficult time are needed to, well, keep queues tidy

It is known that currently the social distance is 2m to hinder the spread of Coronavirus. It appears this lady did not know what 2m looks like!

The queue manager politely asked her to close the gap of about 7.2m to 2m but she refused; saying the distance between them was in fact 2m. (Parking bay are 2.4×3.6 – typically.)

The queue manager turned in my general direction and glanced at myself and the chap in front of me (at a perfect 2m) and sighed, darted his eyes upwards and smiled. Now, I am not a mind reader but I thought a saw a thought bubble rise above his head that said ‘… give me strength to stop me doing something I might regret …’

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