A little bit of Italy in Horsham

In an unsuspecting part of Horsham, on an memorable road is a memorable cafe

I have stopped here once before and enjoyed a coffee in peace and quite. Then it did not register with me how a pleasant little place this was.

Today, as before, I was welcomed in by a lady, not sure whether it was the same lady, but a friendly welcome is always a winner for me.

I ordered and waited. I chose an outward looking seat and continued to day dream. I looked left and right, across the road, through the intermittent traffic passing by and then at the packets of ‘whatever’s’ on the shelfs. It took a moment for me to realise I could not read a great deal, well, it was not the reading of the letters, it was the contorted nature of my mouth trying to make sense and syllables out of them that made me inwardly chuckle.

I readjusted my lips and relaxed to being in Italy: somewhere that I did not have to worry about time or communicating with anyone.

That prompted a memory of 45 years ago; but I need another photograph to express that well. Then it was Sardinia … more to be expected! I feel a visit coming on 🙂


    1. I did, but I try not to publish ‘nearly likes’. We have a very big weekend of ‘Italian Cars’ in Horsham. It includes a market. I gave photographed it several times. Not sure what will happen this year as things are now being cancelled all over the place.


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