Only Fools and …

This must have been a tried and tested routine to be sure … it amused me that how in this day and age people are drawn into this type of operation in broad daylight

(Film below)

My attention was triggered by an out-of-place voice for a lunch time in Croydon High Street; trying to attract punters … our shop in Oxford Street has lots of stock … we are moving into this shop in a few weeks and … come closer … we have give-aways … look at this ... It went on and on.

I moved to get a better view.

People were drawn into listening and the free giveaways … the patter was relentless and fit for the West End stage.

Once in the trap there was no way out, success ensued …

The final few seconds are showing Mr Blue-shirt come to the entrance of the bucket-shop to check for unwanted invaders.

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