Croydon Stations’ own cafe society

Stations are, some of you might have detected this, a regular feature in my life

In my eyes there are four facets to them: the station and building, the trains, the staff and the great travelling public.

The biggest two factors affecting there usage is punctuality and the weather and staff, on the whole, are hostage to these uncontrollable events and continue to go about their duties regardless.

If you watch with a keen eye you will notice an ebb and flow around ticket halls, along platforms and bottle necks around coffee shops and anticipated train door locations during the rush hours. These areas quickly transform as a train approaches and become empty very quickly on its departure.

The photograph above has everyone in motion on the far side of platform including the staff member making his way to release the train. The two chaps on the near side of the platform are casually waiting for their train and a lady is waiting to serve.

All good things come to an end and while I was composing the next photograph a train sneaked up on me …

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