Chaos – ah! – That be the roads now

Mrs Satnav is always right – so don’t argue

Following the previous delays on the trains, the roads thought they should have ago just so we would appreciate the relative calm of the trains.

Mrs Satnav updated soon after I left home. Not everything was shown on the screen but enough for me to consider whether I should ignore what I was being told. This I have done, but suffered.

I followed her instructions and by the time I had gone too far another delay was showing on my new route. Being the compliant driver I am, coupled with the ramifications of ignoring her I followed her dulcet tones.

Handcross flyover was claiming new accolades with the minute count to show the delays.

The cross country route towards Maidenbower was flood after flood. Not just puddles but big floods. Daylight was beginning to arrive and the seriousness of the floods became apparent.

I crossed the M25 motorway bridge and a quick double look along each carriageway confirmed the M25 was closed in both directions.

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