Barbican – in winter

Plymouth Barbican is an interesting place for people watching, but only when they are there. Today it was empty – a ghost town look-a-like but it’s winter and expected during the day

As I walked from the car park to the loos and a cafe I passed a pub that played music from speakers hidden under its facia; beat, beat, beat, it transformed the area into a spooky place of just memories of past joy.

It took my memories to Ramsgate and the Pleasurearma during my childhood. I and my brother would holiday with our grandparents and often be around the harbour area and the amusement park – Pleasurearma.

Shortly after opening the staff attended a session where they prayed for rain so the customers would come off the Big Sands to spend money.

But while empty it had strange spooky feeling of music playing loud with no one about to take notice. Slot machines spinning to entice newbie players and addicts alike to loose their money. Lights and exciting noises to draw people’s attention; it was a strange unbalanced heaven for me.

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