A touch of Essex :)

I hail from Essex and cringe when I hear about TOWIE. Even worse – I grew up in the host town – Brentwood

In my opinion it has not done anyone any favours apart from landlords in the High Street.

I am happy to be wrong but while I am not a great lover of Brentwood, it was my childhood home and I still visit it regularly but it never got on my list of 150 places around the country I want to visit.

I appreciate the difficult decisions that existed with redeveloping the town centre in the early 70’s but they ended up creating a disjointed shopping place, note I did not say centre. It has not taken on the demure of being redeveloped with sensitivity or panache. It is, in my opinion barely functional.

Yes it had to change but …

The photograph above is a tip of the hat to seeing what was, I think, please correct me, started in Brentwood, ribbons and bows on the front door.

It may be that I am sensitive to Brentwood and what others see their but … if this was a school report I would say … could do better …

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