These boots were made for walking …

And that’s what they done did

I have had DM’s for years and years (no affiliation what so ever) and walking boots by two different brands.

I now know I have over worn them, DM’s that is, as I walk badly and my feet hurt – not as smart as I think I am really.

I have been meaning for a good few years to record the before and after difference and yesterday was that magical day.

I took serious rib digging when I was spied In the kitchen setting up a small and imperfect makeshift studio but I grinned it out and have a bench mark to refer to in say six months time.

Let them laugh, let them chuckle and refer to me as … ‘being off on one’ … ‘yes, he does have serious problems’ and ‘I dont understand him’.

All I say is my view of the world is eclectic! Watch on.

Left photography: new

Right photograph: old

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